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Our ready-made sites have everything you need to start earning money right away. We’ve selected the best domains in niches that have a low ranking difficulty and created beautiful sites using the same tools and techniques we use on our custom-built sites. 

Each site has had a full, intensive batch of niche and keyword research, an initial batch of content written and edited, and uploaded into the site. Our link-building team has also been actively building white-hat links to each site. 

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Why Choose One Of Our Sites

Why choose one of our ready-made affiliate websites when you could just build your own exactly how you want?

You could! If you’d rather use your own domain name and control exactly how your site is built, you might want to try our done-for-you affiliate websites instead. But, let’s take a look at what comes along with building your own site:

First, there is the price of doing each aspect alone:

  • $1000 domain, hosting and setup
  • $1500 for a premium theme, plugins and addons
  • $1500 for branding and website design
  • $6000+ for keyword research professionally written and edited content that is fully SEO optimized
  • $1000 for custom images and infographics
  • $500 for aministrative help uploading content, setting up social media. etc
  • $1500 for quality link building


That’s a total cost of $13000 just to get your site started. Not to mention the continued cost of ongoing content, link building, and marketing before your site gains any traffic. Plus, with a brand new domain, your going to be stuck in the Google sandbox for anything up to six months before you start earning.

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Here Is What You Get

Beautiful Designs

Aged Domains

Existing Backlinks

Professional Content

Perfect On-Page SEO

Additional Benefits

Some Of Our Sites

Let's Find Your Next Business

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1 Year Old Branded Domain - Fitness Niche

Ready Made Sites Nurtured Domains

Sites we have not only built and created content for, but we have actively worked on in terms of link building and building traffic.

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allhealthycooking logo
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Dimples In My Balls Logo
Mommys Little Things logo
Tattooed Mogul Logo
The Tasty Herb Logo
myfavoriteshoe logo
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Big Bad Geek Logo
my craft club logo
Drive Detail logo

We will get in touch with you as soon as the purchase has been completed and we have verified all the details so that we can confirm everthing with you. From there, we will transfer the domain and creat a WordPress login for you on your new site. 

Yes, we will be happy to help you get to grips with everything.

We will transfer the domain immediately so that you have ownership.

However, as all of our sites are already monetized we will discuss your monetization options with you upon purchase and if you would like us to change the product links over to a new account rather than delete them, this will take up to 48 hours. 

The site includes everything you need to get started, but we will also include some free resources as well as $100 credit for Clever Touch Marketing to use towards further content/links etc.

100%. Each site is the only one of its kind and we do not sell the same sites over and over. Each site has a completely unique design and the content is totally unique. 

Affiliate niche sites have a vast potential to earn significant income, as much as four to five figures per month. But like anything, it all depends on how much you put into your business. 

If you continue to work on your site, you will reap better rewards. As with most things, the more you put in, the bigger the return.

Like most things, it depends on what you do with the site once it is complete. Whether you continue to produce content and build links or whether you do nothing with it. 

All of our sites are on aged domains with existing authority, links and content and are all monetized with Amazon. Most are already earning affiliate commissions and we maintain them continuously, so you would be earning sales immediately. However, we expect all sites to be earning a regular, reliable income within 90 days. 

No, we do not give refunds. All sites are purchased on a "sold-as-seen basis". 

As professionals, this is our full time job and all sites are built and developed following best industry practices, however, with the nature of SEO, things change constantly and we therefore, can not offer refunds once a site has been transferred to a new owner. 

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