For some, gaming is more than just a hobby. Some are lucky enough to make a living in virtual worlds, and others dedicate their blogs to it. 

As awesome as it is to be able to play the games you love and write detailed blog posts about them, if you aren’t gaining some extra cash from it on your website you’re missing out! 

In the current climate, more and more people are spending time indoors, working from home, and looking for ways to relax and have fun in their own home. 

Now is a great time to start working with the best gaming affiliate programs. It could be the key to skyrocketing your income and turning your content into real, tangible profit. 

The best gaming affiliate programs around at the moment: 



What Are Affiliate Programs? 

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you earn commission on other people’s or other companies’ products. You don’t need to create and sell your own products (whether digital or physical) to earn money—you can use your own website or blog to promote others’ products or services and get a commission fee when you refer someone. 

It’s not just about being a salesperson, though. I like to think of it like sending some business your friend’s way—after all, you aren’t going to become an affiliate of something you aren’t into. 

It’s like a bit of mutually beneficial give and take between two buddies—they get more sales due to your promoting, and you get a thank-you tip. 

What Are Gaming Affiliate Programs? 

Gaming affiliate programs are, quite simply, these type of give-and-take transactions between you and a company that sells gaming-related stuff. 

That could be hardware or digital products. Some work with in-game products, like coins, weapons, or spells (or other game-specific things), and others sell gaming computers and accessories. 

So, your role in this relationship would be to blog, vlog, or create other content enthusing about these products, which you’d share with your network—whether that’s a social media following or a blog email list. 

Your content would ping the reader/viewer over to the site where they can purchase the product, and when they click that “Buy” button, you’ll get a slice of the profit. 

What to Look for in the Best Gaming Affiliate Programs 

There are a ton of gaming affiliate programs out there, but how do you know the one you’re keen on is worthwhile? Here’s what I’ve looked at when choosing these, and what you should consider when you’re trying to decide which one to join. 

Requirements to Join 

Some are as simple as filling out a few things. Others want you to submit a DNA sample and demonstrate your sword-swallowing skills. Of course, if you’re happy sending your DNA to a random stranger, then you would qualify for just about anything. 

I’ve found, however, that simpler is usually better—and the sooner and more hassle-free your joining can be, the faster you can start making real profits! 

Ease of Use 

Gamers tend to be pretty tech-savvy, so it’s possible that you’d be totally happy doing more complicated things (like coding) than the rest of us. If you don’t mind something that’s a little more complicated to use, then go for it! 

If you love to game but you’re a little less savvy on the backend, a user-friendly program is the way to go. 


Nobody wants to be promoting dodgy stuff. It will make your life (and your earnings) much better if you’re promoting something you’re truly enthusiastic about. 

It’s also a good idea to try and overlap your passion with products that are reputable and known to be of high quality. You want people to buy from you, and if they’re buying unimpressive products, not only will they not come back for more, but they’ll likely tell others not to bother either. 

The product range is also important. There’s only so much you can say about the one great item. Try to choose something that has a variety. 


Tiny commissions are all right if you’re just starting out and getting the hang of this. Once you know what you’re doing, though, it’s a good idea to choose something with moderate to high commissions to make it worth your while. 

Also, make sure the commission structure is easy to understand. If they’ve talked you into confusion before you even begin, that’s not a good sign. Straightforward and understandable is the best foot forward. 

The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs 

Ready to start cashing in on your gaming? Here are my best gaming affiliate programs to get started with today. 

1. Wargaming deals in free-to-play MMOs. You know those “World of” games? Yep — that’s these guys. They’re incredibly popular at the moment, and new players are constantly discovering the fun they offer. 

As an affiliate, if someone signs up for a game through your advertising content, you’ll get a commission on that. There’s nothing complicated about this one! You can earn between $2.50 and $7.50 per new sign-up. 


  • Free registration. 
  • Wargaming provides advertising materials. 
  • Access to real-time stats. 
  • Earn up to 8% commission. 


  • Support is provided in English and Russian only.  

2. Kinguin Mafia 

Kinguin is a key reseller, and their affiliate program has quite a simple structure. It’s different to mose, in that it features three referral levels, so your initial referral will earn you 5%. Thereafter, if someone signs up through their link, you’ll earn 0.75%, and, on the third level, anyone who joins using their link will get you 0.25%. 

To illustrate this, if you refer 5 people you’ll earn 5% on each of them. If each one of them brings in 5 people, that means you’re now making 0.75% on 25 other people’s fees. And if each of those new joiners refers 5, you’ll be getting 0.25% of those 125 people’s cash. Sweet, isn’t it? 

If your social media following tops 10k, you can apply for their Influencer program. At this level, you’ll earn a flat rate of 10% on every sale made through your link. 


  • Flat fee structure. 
  • No time limit on earning potential. 
  • Possibility of upgrading to Influencer program. 


  • Only pays via PayPal. 

3. Zygor Guides 

Zygor Guides provide useful in-game guides (for WoW and WoW Classic) that help you to move through levels quicker than usual. 

Sign up as an affiliate and when they make sales through your referrals, you get a cool 50% of the fee. There’s some potential to make sales on the backend too. Also, it’s a monthly subscription so you’ll earn off the same referral again and again. 


  • Free trial. 
  • 60-day cookie. 
  • Great commission. 


  • Monthly subscription fee, so if you aren’t earning much it may not cover it. 

4. Razer 

Razer makes sleek, sexy gaming stuff in every area — every bit of hardware you can think of, and even… A gaming energy drink

They come with a price tag, so if you’re a loyal follower who has some Razer gear yourself, there’s cash to be made. 

Commission sits anywhere between 1% and 10%, depending on the products sold. Bearing in mind that Razer gaming laptop prices begin at $1500, the potential for earning is huge here, although the higher commissions tend to be on lower priced products (but 1% of 1500 is still $15). 

I’d recommend this one for affiliates who have a bit of experience doing this. Beginners may struggle to make sales if they don’t have an already established (and rather large and game-crazy) following. 


  • Potential for high earnings. 
  • Commission varies from 1% to 10%. 
  • Free to join. 
  • Razer provides media. 


  • Payment is only made months after the sale is made. 

5. Alienware 

Some of the best gaming affiliate programs are all about hardware, and Alienware is a big name in gaming hardware. They have some of the most stylish high-end products that are in demand in the gaming world. 

If you do well promoting their stuff, you have the chance to make some high-ticket sales. They also offer a first-time sales bonus, which can be as high as $125. 

They’re owned by Dell, so don’t be confused if you end up on a Dell Affiliate program webpage instead of something with the Alienware brand. 


  • High-ticket sales opportunities. 
  • First-time sales bonus. 


  • 3-day cookie duration. 

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs Conclusion 

Gamers, there’s huge potential to earn passive income with any one of these programs. If you aren’t yet earning cash off your passion, here’s your chance! 

A few final words of advice when choosing the best gaming affiliate programs: 

  • Choose something suited to your situation (ie. if you don’t use Alienware, you may not have much success promoting it!). 
  • Create as much content as you can to promote your products, but be sure to keep it fresh, relevant, and non-repetitive. 
  • Don’t wait — get in on affiliate earnings now! 

Have fun – what could be a better way to make extra cash than sharing your love for gaming? 


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