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About TAME Aged Domains

Our team has been working exclusively with affiliate sites for years and knows exactly how crucial choosing the right domain can be. 

When it comes to a domain, the decisions you make can directly affect how successful your site is. That’s why our team is continuously scouring thousands of weekly auctions to find the perfect branded domains in the niches we know have the most potential for success. 

Here’s what every domain you’ll get from us includes:

  • Branded .com domain
  • Aged between one and 10 years
  • Existing authority and backlink profile
  • Fully indexed
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18 Year Old Branded Domain - Fitness Niche

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18 Year Old Branded Domain - Fitness Niche

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Yes, we would be happy to discuss your options with you and advise you on which niche may be a good choice, however, as your business, the final decision is yours.


As soon as your payment is received and confirmed, we will transfer the domain to you. 

Each of our domains has its own dedicated page on our members only site with full details including the age and details of how the domain was used previously, including screenshots of former site variations. We also include all of the data such as Ahrefs DR and UR, backlinks and so on. You are also welcome to check any domain through your own SEO tools, or, if you do not have access to these, we can send you reports from Ahrefs, Majestic and SEMRush.

We look to precure domains that are going to offer the most benefits to our existing client base. That is why currently, all of our domains are branded domains, with names that can easily be developed into a strong brand. We also only choose .com English domains. 

We have a team of staff who a scanning the numerous domain auctions daily in order to find the best domains available.

We also use numerous professional SEO tools to check the history and current status of each domain. 

Currently, we do not offer any form of bulk discount. However, we do have an affiliate program for our clients where you can earn commission from each sale and use that towards the price of other domains and full packages. 

Many of our clients have built portfolios of site using commissions from our affiliate program. 

No, we do not give refunds. 

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